Safety when using your electronic vehicles

Personal Mobile Devices

Personal mobility devices ( credits: five stars and damoon)

Call to concern these days as more and more people owns and uses their own personal electric mobile devices such as the E bike, E scooters and other types of E vehicles.  You do not need a license to own and to learn how to use them, thus their popularity in our society where cars and other motor vehicles.


credits: LTA Singapore

Personal mobile devices can be carried on to public transport and when you reach your destination, you can simply get to your location using the mobile devices.

Dangers with usage of the E mobile devices


Unlike usual motor vehicles like cars and motorcycles, you do not need any license to own or to even be on the roads, this means some of the users do not know the traffic code of law and just go straight on the roads.  Some of these users are also not physically well to be handling the PMD on the roads.

Higher rate of user equals to higher chances of accidents.  There are more and more of PMD users getting into traffic accidents and some are even fatal.

Just recently a case of PMD user was knocked down by prime mover in the junction of Logion 13 Geylang and Sims Ave, the employee of a coffee shop around the area, the victim was on his way to deliver food on his E bike.  He died on the spot.  Still awaiting investigation and trials.  The prime mover driver is likely to be charged for rash act.

Moral of the story

When an accident occurs, even though another party may be a fault, but we must realise that it is our life that is being jeopardised.  We need to be more alert on the roads, be safe than sorry.  Some of the following tips will help even if you are a pedestrian:

-Do not travel around when you do not feel well.  You might just fall or if you are under drowsy medication, you might not even notice or hear the vehicles.

-If you are using the PMD, please use during the off peak hours and not on the main road.  The speed of the PMD s are slower than normal vehicles.  Also due to their small size and lack of safety features like the cars.  You will be in for something serious if you do not take care.

– Be alert and careful.  The cars and the roads have no eyes.  You are responsible for yourself.

-Use it alone, do not try to pillion other people on the device.  Just like motorcycles, pillions makes manoeuvring the device more difficult and if there is a n accident, it will be worse.

With more and more PMD users, it is important that we keep a look out for not just vehicles but also these devices on the roads.


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