Jailed and Fined for Causing Death of Motorist

While changing lanes, he hit a motorcyclist from his front, this has caused the rider to fall on to the road and resulted in his death.

Rohaizat Rohmat, 45 was jailed for 3 weeks and banned from driving for five years after he admitted to have caused the dead victim, Mr Chow Heng Thong’s death through his act of negligence along Braddell Road at 2:39 am in March 2017.

DPP Teo Siqi said that this accident happened after Rohaizat has turned into Braddell Road, towards Lornie road, from the CTE.

The course of road which he took actually merges the two lanes from Bartley Road.  Rohaizat was driving on the 3rd lane of the 4 lanes Braddell Road.  Mr Chow was on the 2nd land in front of him.

While trying to switch from the 3rd to the 2nd lane, Rohaizat crossed the double white lines between the lanes.  He had failed to keep a look out for Mr Chow, 64, and side swiped the left side of his motorcycle.  This had caused Mr Chow to fall.   Mr Chow, died after 10 hours later in the hospital due to multiple injuries.

The Verdict

In calling for at least three weeks’ jail and five years’ disqualification, DPP Teo said there was nothing to obstruct Rohaizat’s view of Mr Chow, who was not riding at a high speed.

The reason for a lighter sentence was because Rohaizat has admitted to his negligence and pleaded for guilty.  He also showed strong sense of remorse in court.

With a pre record of drink driving and driving vehicle without an insurance, he could have been easily jailed up to 2 years.

More info: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/man-gets-jail-driving-ban-for-causing-motorcyclists-death




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