Uber Driver Arrested for Negligent Driving

Another case of Uber driver being caught for negligent driving.  Whether it be Uber, Grab or normal Comfort Delgro etc.  Being a driver to other passengers especially for a living, it is the utmost responsibility for the drivers to ensure the safety of their passenger and ensure that they reach their destinations safely.

credits: Straits Times

The accident happened on 9th July 2017, a 22 year old Uber driver was arrested for negligent driving and thereby causing death to his backseat passenger.  Around 07:30 am, Xilin Ave, the Toyota Vios skidded before hitting a tree, the driver was unhurt, but the passenger behind passed away in this accident.

When the paramedics reached the scene, the  31 year old passenger was already lying motionless on the backseat.

Uber Driver Requirements

To be an Uber driver, there is actually no stringent tests, which the conventional Taxi drivers in Singapore, have to go through.

Minimum requirements

As a driver, minimum you need to fulfill the following:

  • Singaporean / PR / Work Permit Holder
  • Minimum 2 years of driving experience

Upload the following documents in their sign up website:

  • NRIC
  • Driving License
  • PDVL / TDVL / In-Principal Approval (IPA) Letter / Letter of Approval (LOA) / Approval to Drive (ATD) Letter
  • Letter of Employment (Only for PR & Foreigners)
  • Certificate of Conduct (Only for Foreigners)

And if you are driving your own car, the following have to be presented.

  • Z10/Z11 Vehicle log
  • Proof of Commercial insurance
  • Proof of Decal

Safety First

It is not just Uber, like mentioned before even if you self drive, there are always dangers on the roads.  Be it luck or skills, the more you go on the roads, the more likely you will meet with some situations.
Uber does have its own measures to ensure safety, the app itself will show the rating of the drivers and also incentive programs motivates the drivers to go on the roads with good service and high responsibilities to their passengers.
Drivers also follow the selected route by the Uber app, with the fixed price, there is no worry that you be overpaying for any other routes.
There are more and more youngsters in the freelance driver scene.  One thing to note about young drivers is that they tend to be a bit rash and hot blooded.  This can be a bit dangerous for the roads.
The other extreme is also true, the older folks are also dangerous as their senses start to deteriorate.

The uber taxi

As more and more driving apps come into the scene, we have to understand that it is inevitable that more and more freelance drivers will be made available.  We ourselves will need to be more alert and careful on the roads, even if we are not the driver.

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