Tiger Woods, caught for Drink Driving 2017

Golfer Caught for Drink Driving

Released on 31 May 2017 by the police department.  Tiger Woods was caught for Drink Driving, the famous golfer went on spotlight because of this case.  Another classic story that celebrities do make mistakes.

In the footage, he was seen as in a dazed mode and looking disoriented.  He was unable to respond normally to some of the police’s questions and requests.  Dizzy and wobbly, the golfer was not even able to walk in a straight line.

Sobriety Tests

The former number 1 golfer was put through a few sobriety tests, included walking in straight line and answering to questions, all of which he was not able to carry out the tests smoothly and was slurring in his speech.

Despite the breathalyzer tests showing 0 records of alcohol.  The result of the slurred speech and blur response might be due to the medication which he was taking causing him to be unable to judge the surrounding properly.  The golfer had underwent some back surgery and was under some prescriptive medication by his doctor.


There were no accidents involved but Woods was found asleep in his car when the incident happened.  Although no one was hurt, he was arrested in suspect of drink driving as the police claim to smell of alcohol was strong in his car, and also the fact he failed the sobriety tests.

Sobriety Tests


The Standardised Field Sobriety  Tests involved

  • horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN), this is the involuntary jerking of your eye when it gazes to the side.  For people who have consumed high volume of alcohol, the jerking is more obvious.


HGN Test

credits: dwiplano.com

  • the walk-and-turn, which is to walk to a certain point and make a U turn back without falling or walking in a zig zag manner.
  • and the one-leg stand tests, balancing on one leg and make sure that you are able to hold for a few seconds.

For people who had consumed high volume of alcohol, these tests will not be able to be carried out properly.


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