Singapore Celebrities who had traffic offences

Everyone is bound for traffic offence, but in Singapore, there are some celebrities who were also charged with traffic offence.  Whether it be drink driving, or just using mobile devices, they were found guilty and had to accept the punishments that came with the offence.  In Singapore, law and order is what keeps this country a safe and just place for all the people staying here.

Aloysius Pang

Aloysius Pang in an Interview

The young budding mediacorp star, is one of the famous “8 Dukes” of mediacorp for new comer.  He was charged for drink driving on 18 May 2017, for allegedly having 55 microgrammes (mcg) of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The prescribed limit is 35 mcg.

If found guilty he will face the minimum charge of six months jail term or fined between $1,000 and $5,000.

Rui En

She got involved in a case where her BMW car hit a motorcycle in a Clementi carpark.  The actress allegedly threatened the motorcyclist by the sentence:” Do you know who am I?”, instigating that she is a celebrity and not to be trifled with.  However, later clarification from her states that she was just reassuring the motorcyclist that she is a well known person in Singapore and she will not run away from the responsibilities of the hit.  She took a breathalyser test before she was taken to the police station for inquiries.

Quan Yi Feng

Quan Yi Feng

In 2013, Quan Yifeng was fined $800 and banned for driving for three months after knocking down a pedestrian at a traffic light junction.  The accident took place at Selegie Road and Sungei Road, she was allegedly to have knocked down 28-year-old Raman Selvaraj at the pedestrian crossing as she was turning into Sungei Road. The “green man” signal was on when this happened.  In her mitigation plea, she said that she followed the car in front and did not check carefully that someone was crossing the road. She stopped the car and helped the injured, and also offered his medical bills.

Despite this, she was still charged for inconsiderate driving, with a fine of S$800 and 3 months ban from driving.  Her case has been a lot of discussion that she had been rude to the injured, but that is to be verified.

Sharon Au

Ms Sharon Au

In 2001, Ms Au was fined $800 and banned from driving for six months for using her handphone while driving.  Although just merely using the handphone while driving, the punishment can be quite harsh.

Christopher Lee

The now Christopher Lee is a successful actor and a proud father.

The other half of Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, who is also a well known actor in Asia,  got into a sticky Drink Driving case that went viral for a period of time.  In 2006, Christopher Lee was sentenced to prison for four weeks, fined $4,500 and disqualified from driving for three years for drink driving and other traffic offences.  His case not only involved drink driving, but also hitting a motorcycle and the pillion on the bike.

Breathalyser tests showed Lee’s body contained twice the legal alcohol limit.  Which aggravates the situation.  Breathalyser tests showed Lee’s body contained twice the legal alcohol limit.  However, he did repent his mistakes by offering a SG$70,000 compensation for the victims in this hit.

After the event, the actor made apology statements express his remorse.  His then finance, Ms Fann Wong, had been by his side and supported him all the while.  That was indeed a tough time for him especially with so much publicity and focus.  He was however able to move out from it and even better his career now.

In conclusion

This post is not meant to dig out the unglam past of the celebrities but to let readers understand that even celebrities can make mistakes and the law is not lenient because of their status.  SO be careful on the roads, concentrate, get from point to point safely.


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