Lastest Drink Driving Updates in Singapore

The new ruling states that a drink driver causing injury or property damage will be JAILED unless exceptions of which the drink driver causes slight physical injury or moderate property damage.  Low culpability such as low blood alcohol level and no evidence of dangerous driving can help to alleviate this clause on the drink driver.

The court has also came up with a new sentence for driving which involves jail term.

Prison Term
• Cases of very serious harm and high culpabilityBetween 4 to 6 months
• Cases of serious harm and high culpability
• Cases of very serious harm and medium culpability
Between 2 and 4 months
• Cases of moderate harm and high culpability
• Cases of serious harm and medium culpability
• Cases of very serious harm and low culpability
• Cases of slight harm and high culpability
Up to 2 months
• Other combinations of the degrees of harm
and culpability identified at Court’s judgment
Up to 1 month

The new terms came about in the appeal of Singapore Armed Forces Major Stansilas Fabian Kester, 35, who beat the red light at the junction of South Bridge Road and Upper Pickering St in Jan last year resulting in the injury for 2 victims.

He had a breath alcohol level of 43 microgrammes in 100 millilitres of breath, which exceeded the prescribed limit of 35 microgrammes.

His case, classified as moderate harm and medium culpability, had an initial sentence of two weeks’ jail, which CJ Menon reduced to one week.

A three-year disqualification from driving remained.


The new ruling aims to deter irresponsible drink driving behavior on the roads of Singapore.  It will definitely make people think twice about drinking and driving on the roads.

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