How to reduce your drink driving penalty

In Singapore, drink driving  is a very serious offence.  The reason is simple, because you are given a licence to drive and it is expected that you should know the seriousness of letting your vehicle control you to cause harm to other road users.

If you are caught for drink driving, there is simply no way to escape, unless like mentioned many times before: you did not do it.  But it is unlikely the Traffic Police will approach you for the offence if you did not do it.  So the best is to just admit and get the lightest sentence possible.

First steps to make sure you do not worsen your case

Not all the cases are charged the same way but if you are caught and you try to argue, you are only asking for more punishment.  When caught whether in sober or not sober stage the most important thing is :

  1. Keep Calm: Do not try to argue or be rude to the TP if you are caught on the roads.  Follow their instructions and go through the testing ( breathalyser ).
  2. Be serious and do not try to “bargain”: Do not attempt to bargain with the TP like you are in the wet market.  It only makes things worse.  Instead, show some remorse and show that you are serious about the incident.  Do not try to be a clown and start talking a lot of funny things and excuses.
  3. Do not try to accelerate and drive off from road blocks: You can end up becoming on the papers.  It is better to cooperate and confess to it IF you are caught at the road block.  Anyway Singapore is so small, even if you are driving a Ferrari, you cannot go far with all the CCTVs on the road.
  4. Accept the truth and go to court: When issued a charge, it does not mean the end of the day, there are still chances to mitigate or even ( appeal).  So do not make at scene and get a lawyer if you need.
Seriousness of your case

Not everyone’s case is the same, but reference can be drawn from past cases to come to a final verdict for your case.  Actually for Drink driving case, the seriousness depends on 3 very essential things:

  1. Alcohol level:  The higher you exceed the worse you are going to be hit.
  2. Damages done on the road: Did you destroy any parts of the road or cause hazard to other road users.
  3. Casualty and Fatal victims: This is the ultimate stage where lives are taken or injured.  If you have this point three, most likely a custodian ( going to jail) sentence will be given.
Understand your case

Actually when a person is given a drink driving charge, the high chance is the licence will be revoked.  Actually this is considered a small matter for drink driving charges.  Because the judge is able to put you in jail if your case is considered serious.  The duration of the revoke is set by the judge, and of course the more serious the case, the longer you will have to go without licence.  You will need to retake your whole traffic tests and practicals before you can go on the roads again.  And be reminded that if you commit the same offence or any other traffic offence again, the punishment will be harsher the second time.

If your case is considered the serious type, then you need to be prepared for the worst.  It is not easy but all you can do is to get yourself a lawyer, as they will be able to help you and give you the right advice through.  Do not get agitated and go through the court procedures properly.

All in all

It is a big truma and hassle when you have to deal with a drink driving case, whether serious or not.  Therefore, the best is to avoid it.  Get people to drive you around when you are drinking especially at night.  Get to your drinking place by public and go home by public.  Avoiding is the safest for you.


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