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Car Insurance and Drink Driving in Singapore

The Motor Claims Framework ( MCF ) sets out procedures for motorists to follow when their vehicles meet with an accident. Under the MCF, all accidents, regardless of how minor, and even if the damage is not visible, must be reported to your insurers within 24 hours or by the next working day.

It does not matter if you intend to claim from the insurers or Third Parties; you must still lodge a report with your insurers. With this new policy, all insurers will operate a 24-hour hotline. Even if you enter into a private settlement with the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident, you must still report the accident to your insurers. You may wish to visit the GIA’s website at for more information.

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COE in Singapore

COE or the Certificate of Entitlement is the quota license received when there you have a winning bid in an open bid uniform price auction.  It grants the legal right of the holder to register, own and use a motor vehicle ( car or bike) in Singapore for only 10 years.  Usually the demand is high and its cost is therefore high, thus pushing the price of owning a vehicle in Singapore way higher than other countries.

In May 1990, Singapore’s Public Works Department’s transportation unit instituted a quota limit on the number vehicles in Singapore by issuing the Certificate of Entitlement which allows residents to have the ownership of vehicles.  The purpose of this move is to curb the amount of vehicles in Singapore City and ensure that there will not be overcrowded volume of cars in Singapore which causes bad air quality, and also a lot of traffic problems like accidents and Jams.  COE system is one of the key pillars in Singapore’s traffics management strategies to provide a sustainable urban quality of life.

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