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Safety when using your electronic vehicles

Personal Mobile Devices

Personal mobility devices ( credits: five stars and damoon)

Call to concern these days as more and more people owns and uses their own personal electric mobile devices such as the E bike, E scooters and other types of E vehicles.  You do not need a license to own and to learn how to use them, thus their popularity in our society where cars and other motor vehicles.

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Road Safety Park Singapore

Singapore is getting more and more touristy with many attractions for the family to go during the weekends.  However, there is one establishment which is good for the family and all to go and at the same time create values for kids to understand about road safety and how to keep themselves safe on the road.  What is best is that this establishment is FREE.  This place is none other than the Road Safety Park in the East Coast Park!

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Car Insurance and Drink Driving in Singapore

The Motor Claims Framework ( MCF ) sets out procedures for motorists to follow when their vehicles meet with an accident. Under the MCF, all accidents, regardless of how minor, and even if the damage is not visible, must be reported to your insurers within 24 hours or by the next working day.

It does not matter if you intend to claim from the insurers or Third Parties; you must still lodge a report with your insurers. With this new policy, all insurers will operate a 24-hour hotline. Even if you enter into a private settlement with the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident, you must still report the accident to your insurers. You may wish to visit the GIA’s website at for more information.

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Driving on A Rainy Day in Singapore

Rainy day driving
Rainy day driving

To speak the truth, I really do not know why the traffic in Singapore just get a to a halt when it rains in Singapore.  Maybe we are so used to not having the four seasons, or maybe the wet weather just gets us down.  Somehow the accidents during a rainy day gets high.  When I was able to drive, I dread driving on a rainy day.  Most of my accidents involved rainy days because during rainy days people tend to snooze in more.  When they do so, they cannot find a taxi or even Uber car to get them to work or school.  SO what happens.  Parents will offer them the ride: resulting in rush and extra traffic to the road to school or work.  OR even worse if the parents already left, the grandparents STEP up.

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Learning to Drive in Singapore

I am writing this because it is coming soon.  Time really flies.  1 and half more years to go and I can start afresh again.  When I got my licence, it was so long ago.  1998?  I was merely 19.  During those days, although automatic gear cars are coming up, all driving tests were carried out using the manual geared cars.  People having ” psychomoto “problems need longer time to deploy the clutches and also shifting the gear.  This is the reason why licence then was so precious, not only was it expensive to learn and pass the tests, it was a lot of chore as those days there were only 2 real driving schools : The Kaki Bukit Driving School and the Bukit Batok Driving centre.  There were a lot of private instructors for hire at the same time.

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Information on NEA’s Enforcement and Outreach of Idling Motor Vehicle Engines

Fumes and smog coming out from cars
Fumes and smog coming out from cars

The Traffic Police will not fault you on this one, BUT the NEA will. Main reason for doing so: It pollutes the environment necessarily. This is actually quite logical especially for the older cars where engine is not that efficient and filtration is not able to clean out the exhaust as efficiently as possible. You may argue that in Singapore, cars are being subjected to periodic inspections, making the vehicle less chances of breaking down and having more efficient engines to prevent pollution. But get this, even though that is true. If every car just emit a bit more exhaust. How detrimental is that to the environment? We do not want to end up like most big cities in the world where they grapple with high PSI level everyday.

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Tips and steps to deal with a Traffic Accident

So Unfortunately, there was an accident involved.  So what do you do.  Here are some fast tips:


If you can, please install a tracking camera on your car.  To speak the truth, I have had experience where the motorist who hit me , just pulled away and sped off!! I was so shocked that I did not even have the time to react! Needless to say if you are alone.. No one can help you to take note that car plate.  IF unfortunately that happens, first thing is to remember the car plate as far as possible.  I even have friends posting on Facebook to appeal for witnesses but remember at least the car model and design.  Surprisingly, with the social media these days, she managed to get the cultprit!


Easy steps to deal with an Accident
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