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Tips on how to stay safe and be smart on the roads to avoid punishments

Uber Driver Arrested for Negligent Driving

Another case of Uber driver being caught for negligent driving.  Whether it be Uber, Grab or normal Comfort Delgro etc.  Being a driver to other passengers especially for a living, it is the utmost responsibility for the drivers to ensure the safety of their passenger and ensure that they reach their destinations safely.
credits: Straits Times

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Safety when using your electronic vehicles

Personal Mobile Devices

Personal mobility devices ( credits: five stars and damoon)

Call to concern these days as more and more people owns and uses their own personal electric mobile devices such as the E bike, E scooters and other types of E vehicles.  You do not need a license to own and to learn how to use them, thus their popularity in our society where cars and other motor vehicles.

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Defensive Riding-Safety Tips

Most motorists in Singapore drives, riding is not that common in Singapore as compared to the other South East Asian countries.  Motor bikes are convenient and fast way of transportation from point to point.  Although most Singaporeans drive, the expensive price of the cars are causing more and more people to commute with the use of motor bikes, the bikes are cheaper alternatives and also they are more convenient than cars as there is no need for a large carpark space.

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Bicycles, Scooters, electrical vehicles on Singapore Roads


Recently, there had been many controversy about these “vehicles ” on the roads.  As the price of cars in Singapore gets higher, more and more residents turn to taking public transport.  But the public transport do not always get you to the exact location which you need.  From the MRT or the bus stop, most people will still take the electric scooter, or small bromper bikes to get to their destination.

The population are getting larger these days and the need for cheaper alternatives to commute is getting more and more common.  Many commuters bring their own scooters or bicycle to hop on the buses or MRTs.  However, to those who are still using the pavements for walking and the main roads for driving and riding their bikes.

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Driving on A Rainy Day in Singapore

Rainy day driving
Rainy day driving

To speak the truth, I really do not know why the traffic in Singapore just get a to a halt when it rains in Singapore.  Maybe we are so used to not having the four seasons, or maybe the wet weather just gets us down.  Somehow the accidents during a rainy day gets high.  When I was able to drive, I dread driving on a rainy day.  Most of my accidents involved rainy days because during rainy days people tend to snooze in more.  When they do so, they cannot find a taxi or even Uber car to get them to work or school.  SO what happens.  Parents will offer them the ride: resulting in rush and extra traffic to the road to school or work.  OR even worse if the parents already left, the grandparents STEP up.

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Social Media Information for Singapore Motorists

With our IT so developed these days, we should not be getting ourselves into unnecessary troubles with the law. Been browsing through the web for information on Traffic and the situations in Singapore. I found more and more viral videos on hilarious road stories or even scary accidents. This goes to show, there is NO WAY you can run away if you got yourself in to a accident situation.

Well, while wishing each and every one of us safety on the roads. Let us look at some of my interesting picks where you can take a pop by to see when you are free.

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