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factors that can affect your driving abilities

Alcoholism in Singapore


In a recent health check up, I begin to realise that health cannot be compromised. I always thought if you exercise enough and also practice healthy lifestyle, you will be able to maintain a healthy body. But I was wrong. Somehow, there are many other factors that contributes to the health and well being of individuals. One of my greatest weakness is drinking. Although, I cannot consider myself a true alcoholic, but I do sometimes seek refuge in drinking. Let us look deeper into the issue of drinking in Singapore.

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Alocholism- A problem A habit or a reason


Alcoholism was discussed earlier on in this blog.   There is a AA in Singapore, the AA is also known as Alcoholics Anonymous.  This is a group where they give support to alcoholics and help them to overcome their excessive or abusive drinking habits and get on with life.  Regular sessions are also held to have support team and discussions to help overcome the urge to drink for sufferers.

You can get more information about AA in the following link: AA in Singapore

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How do I know If I am drink driving

You will be surprised.  Sometimes, when you think you are sober, that is when the worst of things happen to you.   Here are some good ways to find out if you are drink driving:

  1.  YOUR HEART RATE is Soaring:  Yes you feel hot and red, and your head starts to get a bit spinny.  At this point, if you can PLEASE do not continue to drink and get home as soon as possible.  Get a friend , get a family member or get a valet and fetch you home.  Start to drink water to get that feeling away and keep sober.
  2. ” I AM NOT DRUNK”: Yes you are.  Most drinkers will feel or think that they are sober, when in fact they are spinning and already drunk!  This is the least expected.  But most people who are drunk will tell their friends that they are not and that they are still sober and going on strong.
  3. Vomitting: When you get to this stage, stop the car. Or even before getting on to the car, just lay around or even check in a temporary hotel is better than getting on to the roads.  You might be man slaughtering someone instead.  Therefore it is important that you get on the roads with a close friend or at least have someone to keep a look out for you.

It might sound ridiculous that you are not even aware that you are drunk.  But there are really cases like these and you should always be alert and careful.

How much can I drink and still drive

If you look at the Traffic Police guidelines, they usually will not say how much you CAN drink before you hit the roads. The general idea is NOT to drink and drive. Given that now they can ALSO charge you for being irresponsible road user even with a little bit of alcohol found. This is what Singaporeans usually say, The Traffic Police trying to be Guai Lan!  Let’s just say this, nothing beats the law and also we must also realize that the car can be a weapon of murder ( in fact it is a machine that can do crazy things if not handled properly). Which is why in the guidelines , you will never find things like: You can drink one can of beer , or one glass of wine. Let us look at the mathematics of alcohol in drinks.

Alcohol is normally measured in the “unites” of 10 ML of alcohol. This is the amount of alcohol contained in a half pint of 3.5% beer. The rate of absorption of alcohol into the blood stream also varies from people to people, it also depends on the level of hydration of the person and whether food was consumed and what type of food. Lets just say, there are so many combinations and pattern that can cause changes to the rate of alcohol being absorbed to your body.

One unit of alcoholic drink is considered to be 125ml of wine, or half a pint of beer. Usually it takes about one hour to get one unit to be processed by an adult body and subsequently flushed out of your body. This is also provided that you also hydrate yourself during that hour, else it might take event longer. Therefore if you are outside drinking and need to take a public transport, be sure that you have ample time to clear out before getting up the train all smelling like cat pee . Of course driving is definitely not an option to drive especially at night.

Alcoholism in Singapore

Many of my friends ask me how to control their “love” for alcohol.  In this stressful society of ours, it is just natural that at the end of the day, people just want a drink or two to take their “troubles” away or even get more drunk to forget their troubles.  I guess Alcohol is a good way to get out because it is relatively affordable as compared to cigarettes and with so many Happy Hours and one for ones.  Especially for the ladies, every Wednesday is a ladies night to get drunk.

Well I must say up to a certain stage, normal human beings will just stop drinking so much, because when you wake up , your problems are still there and what is worse is that your head is spinning and you suffer a crazy hangover which is terrible.  For me, it was easy when I realise how fattening drinking is.  The extra waste calories it the last that I want to have as it is detrimental to my other love for sports.  Sport creates endorphin which equally keeps me happy but I will need to do that to the extreme.  But I prefer that to piling the extra cals and making me look old dry and ugly.  For ladies, just be conscious that alcohol dries up your skin and makes you look times older.  No amount of facials or treatment essences can cure this.

I found this Health promotion board article exceptionally good:

So get out there and try a new sport or take on a new hobby rather than splurge on alcohol.

Everything in moderation is good.


Detoxing your body

Health is becoming an important issue in these days.  The food we eat, the lifestyle we lead, is it really that healthy?  It is quite scary to know that what is so called safe standards might not be all that safe.  That is why we must really be careful and take care of our health.  I chanced across detox programs which is I think is good for many people to try out.  This is especially so if you do not lead a very active lifestyle.

To cleanse the liver, we’re talking about inducing the liver to purge all of the fats, old cholesterol deposits, gallstones, poisons, drug residues, and toxic waste stored therein. An unhealthy liver is probably the root of all problems, and there is nothing even colon cleansing can help to alleviate the problem.

I personally have not been to a detox programme by myself, but I heard many good reviews about this place.  It is pricey but the service is superb and worth all that cash.

They have detox programme from 3 days to a week or even more.  You will need to enquire within.

2. Cheap and efficient way.

What I usually do if I drank too much for like 2 days, is to do super hydration for the next 2-3 days.  Think of the water torture treatment in WWII.  Basically this method is simple and cheap.  I will drink 500ml of plain water every one hour in the day.  For breakfast, I will eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and nothing for dinner.   If you cannot sustain only one meal.  You can have lunch with some simple oats or soda biscuits.  Please note that this detox method is not good for like a week as your body needs all the nutrients it need.

I also found this website’s recommendation very interesting and personally have tried it once.  It is good.

I will not drink any alcohol or caffeine drinks for the next few days just to ensure that my body is not dehydrated.   It will be good if you could also practice some simple meditation and yoga.

This is the basic meditation technique, basically for meditating, you will need to be in a quiet environment and keep relaxed.  Do not be disturbed by anything or the effect will not be as good.

The very basic yoga stance are here

Do give them a try out if you can its really good.

The best is to do everything in moderation, do not go overboard!

The Functions of Liver

The liver is a very important and precious organ.

The liver is one of the body’s vital organs and it performs many important functions:

  • Converts the food you eat into substances to sustain your body’s growth and function
  • Makes and exports substances your body uses
  • Breaks down drugs for your body to use
  • Converts toxic substances into a form that your body can expel

If you’re regularly drinking to excess, you may develop a fatty liver, which may affect your liver function.  However, if you reduce your drinking, or stop altogether, your liver can recover.

Drinking heavily or excessively can cause Alcoholic Hepatitis (inflamed liver).  This can result in liver failure and death.  Alcoholic hepatitis is reversible if you stop drinking but continued drinking can permanently scar and damage your liver (Cirrhosis of the Liver).   Cirrhosis of the liver can be treated, but it is not reversible and can increase your risk of developing liver cancer.  If you reach that stage it can be difficult to recover. 

Women tend to have lower tolerance of the alcohol when consumes over the limits.  This is because women have less of the enzyme dehydrogenase that breaks down alcohol in the stomach than men drinking the same amount of alcohol. Hormone levels also affect the body’s ability to process alcohol, and women will reach their limits faster drinking their regular amount of alcohol right before menstruation. This is because during the period women tend to have a higher percentage of body fat and a lower percentage of water.

The digestion process itself plays a large factor. For every person no matter the size the liver will only digest one standard drink per hour.

As far as possible keep drinking social and also focus on chatting with friends and sipping in water rather than chucking down the alcohol senselessly will help to reduce the amount of drinks for the night.