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Alocholism- A problem A habit or a reason

Alcoholism was discussed earlier on in this blog.   There is a AA in Singapore, the AA is also known as Alcoholics Anonymous.  This is a group where they give support to alcoholics and help them to overcome their excessive or abusive …

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How do I know If I am drink driving

You will be surprised.  Sometimes, when you think you are sober, that is when the worst of things happen to you.   Here are some good ways to find out if you are drink driving:  YOUR HEART RATE is Soaring:  Yes you …

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How much can I drink and still drive

If you look at the Traffic Police guidelines, they usually will not say how much you CAN drink before you hit the roads. The general idea is NOT to drink and drive. Given that now they can ALSO charge you for being …

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Alcoholism in Singapore

Many of my friends ask me how to control their “love” for alcohol.  In this stressful society of ours, it is just natural that at the end of the day, people just want a drink or two to take their “troubles” away …

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Detoxing your body

Health is becoming an important issue in these days.  The food we eat, the lifestyle we lead, is it really that healthy?  It is quite scary to know that what is so called safe standards might not be all that safe.  That …

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The Functions of Liver

The liver is a very important and precious organ. The liver is one of the body’s vital organs and it performs many important functions: Converts the food you eat into substances to sustain your body’s growth and function Makes and exports substances …

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