Californian Girl Held Over Fatal Crash-Cause by Drink Driving

Another real life case of tragic accident due to drink driving.  Although this did not happen in Singapore, the case involved tragic case of family members being killed by another family member.

Yahoo news on this tragic accident

Drunk, using hand phone behind the wheels

The 18 year old driver , Obdulia Sanchez was driving  with her 14 year old sister in the passenger seat, Jaqueline Sanchez Estrada.  Obdulia was using the hand phone to film herself behind the wheels singing.

This was all well when suddenly the car lost control and swerved across the lanes, smashing through a wire fence overturned in a field.

Next moment, she was seen running to her 14 year old sister, tending to her.  All these were captured in the video on her hand phone, which was streaming live on Instagram.

Obudlia was allegedly drinking before she got on the wheels and the Californian police is still investigating this case.

Website:Teen Held for Fatal Accident

Lesson Learnt

Youngsters tend to be irrational and overly excited when on the wheels.  Remember the first time you got that driver’s licence, the excitement and craziness that follows. Some even committed a traffic offence one they got their licence.  They totally forgot all the hard work to achieve that licence.  Youngsters tend to look for the short term fun and stuff.

If you know someone who is a young driver, do educate them about the importance of road safety and being a responsible driver.  They need to understand that the vehicle is a potential murdering tool.

What I have been doing is showing some of the youtube consequences of accidents caused by negligent and irresponsible drivers.  The purpose of driving is for convenience of movement, to bring one person from one point to another and not to cause danger or inconvenience.

Always enforce the idea of not drinking and driving, never to use mobile phone while driving, always keep focus on the roads and making sure that you are not distracted.

Road Safety

The main aim for driving as mentioned before is to ensure that you and your passengers get from point to point safety.

Keeping alert on the road and being extra careful can help to prevent that from happening.

Be safe not sorry.




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